I Vogued for breakfast this morning


Originally designed for the recent Fashion Week as a haven from all the madness revolving around the runway shows, the Vogue Café offers a break from shopping or, in my case, a relaxing place to have a Parisian petit-déjeneur.


Located in the atrium of the Printemps department store, the pop-up café  is infused with light and boasts a minimalist design with a 1950s vintage flair. The decor displays mid-century modern American sculptures against a backdrop of Vogue magazine covers and stylish mannequins posing above.


It is designed to resemble an apartment and certainly doesn’t feel like a café as I settle in one of the comfortable armchairs and flick through the menu concocted by the Parisian company, Hugo & Victor. For my breakfast, I choose freshly-squeezed orange juice, a café crème and an Escargot praliné – absolutely divine. The pastry is baked to perfection, crispy yet savory.

I also savor my surroundings.

Sitting on the sofa across from me are two women decked head-to-toe in Chanel. One of them is sporting fingerless tweed gloves with the double C logo on top. I normally don’t like conspicuous logos but these are somewhere on my sartorial wishlist. They have several shopping bags, having taken advantage of the 8 Jours en Or (8 golden days) sales at Printemps. As they chitchat and gracefully sip their green tea, the second woman’s bulldog whimpers, indicating that it is thirsty. She orders waters for him and the waiter, happy to comply, serves the doggy some eau in a plastic container. The creature is happy.

After they leave, an elderly foreign couple occupy the sofa and their son sits on the armchair close to mine. His mother insists on having a Nescafé – no other brand will do. Again, the waiter happily complies. These are, after all, the sort of clientèle whose every whim and fancy are tolerated and catered to.

Back issues of Vogue magazine are also available for the fashionista elite to peruse through. Excuse me, I have some reading to do.

Vogue Café is open until March 22. 

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